This is the official website of the one and only Glenn Dyer. In other words, me!

I have been creating YouTube content for over five years now, and at least 5% is kind of good.

I specialize in movie reviews, something that I have utilized to tell my own stories in my somewhat unorthodox way.

The two main shows I produce are as follows:

  • A Dyer-Situation A vlog-style review show where I talk about all of the movies that have come out recently. The style is minimalistic for maximum efficiency.
  • Chadwick Jones Presents The show I put all my effort into. It is a highly edited review program starring my own original character. I like it!

But that’s not all! Also on this site are original sketches, let’s plays, commentaries, and more!

I’m always working on new stuff and I love to hear from people. Be sure to contact me at glenn.dyer@dyercentral.com