Ask Mr. Dyer #5

This was my final send off to Mr. Dyer, a big april fools event with his execution at the climax. After the video went live, I pretended to delete all my videos and began promoting only the new series, Puppy Hour. This was easily my most successful april fools joke, and one which I will never do again.

“The final Ask Mr. Dyer!”

Ask Mr. Dyer #4

Despite being invented as a holdover show, I still had a bit of affection for Ask Mr. Dyer. This was my last attempt to revive it before giving up and killing of its host. This video is also the origin of the “Thanks for watching” tagline that became common in all Dyercentral videos.

“The long awaited Ask Mr. Dyer is finally here. Remember to leave your questions below!”

Breaking NEWS

This was made at the same time as A Day in the Life of Mr. Dyer. The idea was to create new sketches in order to rejuvenate the now dry and boring Dyercentral. This particular sketch introduced several longtime characters, including Hengry Hippiee, Jon Gibbord, Sheriff Lyoid, and the all but forgotten Tony Ball.

“A giant monster is attacking the city, be very afraid.”

Ask Mr. Dyer #1

This was the beginning of a series I made to fill in the time between sketches. It was inspired by different YouTube shows where commentators ask questions to which the host would provide comedic answers. Unfortunately, I forgot to build up a dedicated fanbase of commentators before the show, so I never had any material.

“The first in the Ask Mr. Dyer series”