A Dyer-Situation: LES MISERABLES, A Musical Spectacular

When I look back at this, I am always amazed that it came out so early in Dyer-Situation History. The idea came about during a class discussion with Rob where we muddled over the idea of doing a musical review of the new adaptation of Les Miserables. We were both fans of the show and we thought it could be pretty fun to satire the songs in a way that also gave our honest opinions about the film. The before section was easy, but for the after part we had to be a little creative. We each came up with three versions for the after, a bad, good, and neutral reaction, then used whichever one was closest. I am very happy with how this turned out, even if Rob’s singing voice is far ahead of mine and we probably should have done a few extra takes.

“In this special episode, Glenn and Rob take a horribly lip-synched look at the new Les Miserables movie.”

Ordinary Man

This was made as an assignment for my High School class. The task called for making a satire of a famous movie. My idea was for a Superman parody, and it’s what we ended up going with. If I recall correctly, the class enjoyed it.

“Look up in the Sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait…why am I so exited to see birds and planes?”

Breaking NEWS

This was made at the same time as A Day in the Life of Mr. Dyer. The idea was to create new sketches in order to rejuvenate the now dry and boring Dyercentral. This particular sketch introduced several longtime characters, including Hengry Hippiee, Jon Gibbord, Sheriff Lyoid, and the all but forgotten Tony Ball.

“A giant monster is attacking the city, be very afraid.”