Extreme Barbecuing

This instalment of the Extreme Series was plagued with problems so severe that it put future episodes on near-permanent hiatus (The specifics of this are talked about int the commentary). I still plan to make more episodes in the future, but not for at least a few years.

“Its sword against spatula in this latest installment of the extreme series.”

Extreme Minigolf

This ran into a lot of problems with copyright issues. Many of my early sketches were questionable in terms of fair use, and this one in particular borrowed several popular songs in order to fill up space. I attempted to solve this the only way I knew how, replacing the copyrighted songs with more copyrighted songs! I also used the opportunity to George Lucas the video by removing certain jokes and adding non removable subtitles. This was a big mess that I ended up making worse and I don’t really like thinking about it.

This was also the final sketch of the original Dyercentral. The best is yet to come.