A Dyer-Situation: LES MISERABLES, A Musical Spectacular

When I look back at this, I am always amazed that it came out so early in Dyer-Situation History. The idea came about during a class discussion with Rob where we muddled over the idea of doing a musical review of the new adaptation of Les Miserables. We were both fans of the show and we thought it could be pretty fun to satire the songs in a way that also gave our honest opinions about the film. The before section was easy, but for the after part we had to be a little creative. We each came up with three versions for the after, a bad, good, and neutral reaction, then used whichever one was closest. I am very happy with how this turned out, even if Rob’s singing voice is far ahead of mine and we probably should have done a few extra takes.

“In this special episode, Glenn and Rob take a horribly lip-synched look at the new Les Miserables movie.”